This is what drinking radioactive water will do to your body

July 12, 2022 3 min read

This is what drinking radioactive water will do to your body

One of the biggest concerns for any home is water quality. If you have running water, then you'll be looking for ways to see if it's safe, especially during an emergency. Seychelle's mission is to provide clean water to global communities by providing products that improve people's health and sustainability.

How Radiological Contaminants Get Into Tap Water

Radiation in drinking water comes from natural sources, like soil and the atmosphere, and human-made sources like nuclear power plants. You might be wondering how radiation gets into tap water in the first place. Well, that depends on the type of radiation and its origin.

1. Natural Sources

Radioactive materials are found in the soil, water, and air. For example, naturally occurring radioactive materials (like uranium and radon) are found in some types of granite and rock formations throughout the country. Radon comes from the natural breakdown of uranium, which forms radioactive radium as it breaks down. This radium combines with water to form solid radioactive materials called "radon daughters." These radium daughters can get into the air, especially from the soil, where they can become attached to dust particles. 

2. Nuclear Power Plants

Some radiation from nuclear power plants comes from radioactive material that may leak or be released into the air. For example, radium 226 is a radioactive element that can be released during the normal operation of a nuclear reactor. Once this radioactive material leaves the nuclear plant, it can get into the air, rainwater, or groundwater.

3. Human-Made Sources

Radionuclides can also come from rocks and minerals mined at surface mines and uranium mills. The uranium in these rocks undergoes radioactive decay over time, transforming into radium. When the radium decays, it can form radioactive radon. Radionuclides from rocks and minerals taken from mines and mills can be found in some groundwater sources and many surface water bodies.

4. Military Sites

Another radiation source that can get into drinking water is waste disposed of at military facilities. As these materials decay, they may release radioactive material and be carried away by rainwater, surface water, or groundwater.

How Radiological Contaminants in Water Affect Our Health

1. Causes Cancer

Radiological contaminants can cause cancer directly by the chemical and biological effects and indirectly by causing chemical damage in the body that may lead to mutations that cause cancer. In addition, waterborne radiological contaminants cause secondary exposure to radioactive contaminants in food and air, which are also hazardous.

2. Causes Genetic Defects

This is secondary to the environmental exposure that occurs when radioactive contaminants in water are ingested. In addition, these contaminants can potentially cause genetic defects in the fetus or embryo.

3. Causes Congenital Disabilities

This is due to an indirect exposure that occurs when radioactive contaminants in water are ingested. Exposure to radioactive contaminants can cause congenital disabilities. For example, if a mother drinks water containing radioactive iodine and the fetus is exposed during pregnancy, it may result in certain thyroid cancer later in life.

4. Causes Cardiopulmonary Diseases

Exposure to radiological contaminants in water can cause acute cardiopulmonary diseases. However, this results from direct exposure to the radioactive material and not ingesting it. In addition, exposure to radioactive iodine in water can lead to hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones.

Best Solution of Eliminating Radiological Contaminants in Drinking Water

Investing in Seychelle Water Filtration

The Seychelle Radiological Filter Bottle is a portable, lightweight device that removes up to 99.9% of radiological contaminants in water.

Radionuclides are naturally occurring tiny particles of radioactive materials. They get into the air and then can get into the water. You need to be aware that if you are using natural or manufactured water in your home, it may contain radon, or it could be contaminated by radionuclides that come from rocks and minerals mined at surface mines and uranium mills. Worry no more about your drinking water, Seychelle is here for all your water filtration needs.