Frequently asked questions

Are Seychelle filters recyclable?
Yes, Please send dried out filters to Seychelle and we will recycle them.
Our address is: Seychelle Water Filtration Products Attention: Customer Care, 22 Journey, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.

Are your products BPA free?
All Seychelle products are BPA free, non-toxic, and do not leach.

Do Seychelle filters take out good minerals?
No. Our filters are designed to take out only harmful contaminants, micro-organisms, and heavy metals.

Do Seychelle filters remove fluoride?
Yes. Seychelle filters remove up to 90% of fluoride.

What makes Seychelle filters better than other filters?
The primary reason our filters outperform other filtration systems is because of their unique design. You can read more about the removal of contaminants on our filtration page.

How is the filter capacity formula determined?
Seychelle performs continuous flow tests. For chlorine removal, the testing laboratories run the filters with heavily spiked water for over 400 gallons without any break-through of residual chlorine or other surrogates used. Overall filter capacity varies by product.

  • Water pitchers: up to 200 gallons

  • Stainless steel bottles: up to 100 gallons

  • LDPE plastic bottles: up to 100 gallons

  • Pumps and bags: up to 100 gallons

  • Pure water straws: up to 25 gallons

When do you need to change the filter?
Most Seychelle filters deliver up to 100 gallons of safe, great-tasting water before needing a replacement filter.  When water flow becomes greatly diminished or it  is difficult to squeeze through the filter bottle, it is time to replace your filter.  Improper use or maintenance may cause premature clogging by overly turbid water. 

Are the filter systems pre-flushed?
All filter systems are pre-flushed at the factory. Please refer to product manuals for exact instructions for each product.

Does the filter ever need cleaning?
No. Do not use soap or cleaner on the filter.  Doing so may damage the filter by plugging up the microscopic pore openings.

How long do the filters last for if not in use?
Seychelle filters have an indefinite shelf life. When the filter will not be used for an extended period of time, follow the steps below.

  • Fill the bottle with chlorinated water made by mixing half tsp of chlorine with one gallon of water. Run this through the system and then rinse and flush with filtered water.

  • Allow the bottle/filter assembly to dry completely.

  • Re-assemble the bottle/filter.

You may now store the product for any length of time.

  • DO NOT put products in the freezer. 

  • DO NOT use with hot water.

  • DO NOT use with salt water.

  • DO NOT use with anything but water.

  • DO NOT wash filters - flush only.

  • DO NOT put products in dishwasher.