Our Company

"We are effectively providing the solution to the public's concerns by taking water filtration to a whole new level of sophistication... via technological advancements and unsurpassed performance. The independent lab tests prove beyond a doubt that we have a product line to be trusted."

Carl Palmer, Founder
About Seychelle

Seychelle is a prominent company in the fast-growing water filtration industry. We market a complete line of top-quality portable water filtration products and brands in North America and worldwide.

This portfolio of unique and proprietary products will enable our customers and Joint Venture partners to meet the needs of their consumers for new, economical, and innovative water filtration products and systems to provide safe and clean water throughout the world.

Our vision and values with respect to each of our key constituents are:


We are committed to forming strong, strategic partnerships with our customers, guided by integrity and mutual respect. With visionary leadership, initiative, and a resolute determination, we will provide our customers with superior products and services. We are dedicated to understanding and meeting their individual needs, and responding to their expectations quickly and effectively.


Employees are key to the Company's success. We believe in mutual respect, integrity, loyalty and personal growth. In an ever-changing business environment, our philosophy is one that embraces change and encourages new ideas. We have an open door policy and friendly environment where a team approach and employee initiative is valued and rewarded.


We are dedicated to achieving excellent returns for our shareholders, while building a dynamic and growing company. We will invest to build a leadership position for our portfolio of brands and be recognized as a leader in product innovation. Our focus is on creating and sustaining an organization worthy of continued investment and employee trust, as well as industry and consumer confidence.

Seychelle - The most trusted name in water filtration