Letter from the founder

We are living through a water crisis.

                 Over 98% of Americans are exposed to toxic compounds every day through the water they drink. Contaminants like chromium 6, PFOA, PFOS ("Forever Chemicals"), lead, and arsenic have been found in almost every tap water supply in the country. The health effect of these contaminants includes cancer, kidney and liver dysfunction, endocrine disorders, and impaired mental function.

Here's just one example that you need to know to understand our water crisis in 2020 and beyond:

Research now shows that PFOA, the so-called "Forever Chemical," is present in almost all drinking water in the United States. PFOA is a dangerous perfluoroalkyl substance, used in everything from carpeting to firefighting foams, which has now made its way into our drinking water.

PFOA have been linked to cancer, kidney damage, liver damage, thyroid dysfunction, and impaired immune system. And every American—100 percent of us—have this toxic compound in our bloodstream.

We think it's time to take our water back. It's up to us—our families—to act. We cannot wait for anyone else to end this water crisis. We need to take these contaminants seriously, protect ourselves, and get them out of our water.

Since our founding, Seychelle has been in the business of helping people do just that.

Seychelle filters remove up to 99.9% of tap water contaminants, including lead, chlorine, arsenic, and of course Forever Chemical PFOA. In fact, Seychelle is tested to remove PFOA to an less than 1 part per trillion, lower than even the strictest safety guidelines—an astounding result (most filters don't reduce it at all). You can get these toxins out of your water today with any Seychelle filter. Why drink another drop of contaminated water? Why continue to use toxin-filled water in our coffee, tea, ice cubes, or baby formula, even our pets' water?

Seychelle is also the most affordable option in its class, at a cost of 5 cents a gallon. That's far less than concentrated drinks, coffee, and bottled water. Is 5 cents a gallon worth it to keep toxins and cancer agents out of the water you drink?

The Seychelle filter is also the only filter tested by over 50 independent laboratories worldwide. That's why Seychelle has developed a reputation as the most trusted name in water filtration. We take pride in our product design, testing, and quality control. We present test data here on our website so you can see exactly what your filter is doing for you.

The water crisis may continue for years or even decades to come. But you don't have to accept your water the way it is, filled with disease-inducing toxins. You can take action and start drinking better, healthier water today.

In fact, you owe it to yourself.

You are made up of 80 percent water, after all. Every system operating in your body right now, from your immune system to your circulatory system to temperature control—runs on water. It's time to start drinking the best. Get rid of up to 99.9% of contaminants with a Seychelle filter, so you can live the healthy life you deserve.

-  Carl Palmer, Founder & CEO .