Pump 2 Pure


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Protect yourself and those you love. Filter your drinking water using Pump 2 Pure and be assured of receiving clean, great-tasting, guaranteed quality drinking water!

Built to reduce up to 99.9999% of cysts, bacteria and viruses from virtually any water source, The Seychelle Pump 2 Pure Kit is the product you need for various activities, including camping, traveling, and emergency preparedness.


Key Features:

•Filters 100 gallons

•This unit is designed to work with any non-plumbed available water source.

•Increases pH balance up to 9.5

•Quick disconnect fittings are installed to allow quick adaptation.

•Water that has passed through the system is potable to drink.

•Pump 2 Pure Carrying Case included​

What it filters:

Supreme Filter
Reduces the following contaminants up to:

• 99.9999% of Bacteria, Virus, E-Coli, Cysts

• 99.99% of Chemicals

• 99.99% of Chlorine Taste, and Odor

• 99.99% of Heavy Metals

• 99.99% of Radiologicals

• Up to 90% of Fluoride


Protect yourself and those you love...filter your drinking water using Seychelle's Pump 2 Pure from any nearby water source and be assured of receiving clean, great tasting, guaranteed quality drinking water. Not to be used with salt water.

The Pump 2 Pure uses Seychelle’s Exclusive Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration Technology to eliminate or reduce up to 99.9999% of waterborn contamination such as:

• Aesthetic - Unpleasant taste, odors, cloudiness, silt, sediment, Chlorine

• Bacteriologicals - Harmful Virus, Bacteriological Pathogens, Cryptosporidium, Giardia

• Chemicals - Toxic chemicals,Trihalomethanes, PCBs, PCEs, detergents, and pesticides (DDT).

•Dissolved Solids - Heavy Metals, Aluminium, Asbestos, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium 6, Copper, Lead, and Mercury.

• Reduces up to 90% of Fluoride.

• Radiological – Gross Beta, Radon 222, Alpha Radium 226, Uranium, Plutonium, Cesium 134 and 137.

• pH - Increases the alkalinity (pH) of drinking water.


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