Are PFOS and PFOA Regulated?

July 30, 2020 2 min read

Are PFOS and PFOA Regulated?

While the world grapples with how to contain COVID-19, another public health crisis looms. PFAS, a contaminant that has been relatively unknown until recently, is being discovered in water supplies across the United States. 

How did PFAS get in New Hampshire's water?

In 2014Andrea Amico, a resident of Portsmouth, New Hampshire discovered through a local newspaper that their well water was contaminated with PFAS.Ms. Amico set to work immediately to find ways to eradicate this contamination, to discover its origin and to alert other states to the possibility that the entire country could be environmentally contaminated by the waterborne contaminant.

Shortly thereafter, Ms. Amico discovered that the water contamination that the entire county was suffering originated from fire extinguisher foam from a local military base.

Ms.Amico and two other women to formed a community activist group with the intention of putting pressure on the Federal Environmental Protection Agency to test the blood of residents exposed to these substances and to limit the presence of PFAS in the waters throughout the country.

What is the danger of PFAS and PFOA?

PFAS and PFOA are an invisible enemy that we can all carry in our blood without knowing it, of which the US government is not yet fully aware.They have been called the Forever Chemical because of its tendency to stay in the bloodstream.

Commonly referred to among scientists as Polyfluoroalkyl substances,they are present in all kinds of household products and food packaging, which are prepared to survive in extreme conditions and are really difficult to eliminate.

Unfortunately, despite being aware of their danger, the EPA has not yet regulated any law prohibitingPFASor PFOA inlocal water supplies, nor has it issued any statement urging people to use water filters for their homes.

What's next for PFAS and PFOA?

Regardless of whether the EPA regulates a law that requires states to limit the drinking water levels in all their communities, the mechanism by which the water must be cleaned from that point on still remains unknown.

At present,the best way to protect your family from PFOA and PFOS is through the use of a water filter designed and tested to remove these contaminants. Until these contaminants are fully regulated, and local water departments can manage a way to remove them, Seychelle filters provide a simple and affordable solution that you can rely on.