Can Dogs Drink Alkaline Water?

September 30, 2022 4 min read

Can Dogs Drink Alkaline Water?

Water is the foundation of all healthy cells. Neither we nor our beloved pets can live without water. Dogs can only do about 2 to 3 days1 without water. Studies indicate that dogs would survive if they lost 100% of their body fat and 50% of their body protein but would die if they lost only 10% to 15% of body water.2 Keeping your pooch well hydrated wards off dehydration and related health issues such as kidney malfunction. Drinking adequate water also helps your dog maintain a normal body temperature, lubricates his or her joints for easy movement, and aids digestion and elimination of toxins. Water also moves nutrients around your dog's body to provide energy. 


But not all water is equal. There are different types of water including tap water, distilled water, natural water, coconut water, acidic water, and alkaline water. There have been lots of health claims linked to alkaline water for dogs and lots of concerns as well. Is alkaline water a fad and should you give your dog alkaline water?


Can Dogs Drink Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is generally safe for dogs. This water introduces chemical changes in your dog's body that triggers them to drink more water, increasing their hydration levels. Many pet lovers also report that alkaline water helps increase energy levels in their dogs, makes dog's coats shinier, and results in better digestion. 


Concerns about consuming alkaline water arise from the misconception that this water raises urine pH which increases the risks of kidney or bladder stones — but there isn't any peer-reviewed literature to support such claims according to a WHO research.³ In fact, the research affirms that minerals and micronutrients are important components of healthy drinking water and that inadequate calcium and magnesium intakes from food are common among many people globally. Consumption of moderately hard water containing calcium, magnesium and other minerals may help attain the required daily dietary requirement. Dogs and cats can suffer from diseases and ailments just like humans and they need nutrients and minerals4 as well.


Alkaline Water Benefits and Precautions

Alkaline water is water with a pH of between 8 and 9. Normal drinking water has a neutral pH of 7. Alkaline water contains several minerals including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It is safe for dogs. Here are the benefits and precautions of giving your dog alkaline water: 


Benefits of alkaline water

Apart from making their coats shinier and resulting in less stinky poop, alkaline water also has the following benefits for dogs:


  1. Introduces bioavailable minerals and electrolytes into your dog's body for good health 


Alkaline water is rich in minerals that benefit your dog's health. These include:


  • Calcium, which can treat pet allergies caused by allergens that have become very common in animal corn feeds
  • Potassium, which helps support energy levels
  • Sodium, which balances the pressure in your dog's cells, regulates water intake, and encourages your dog to drink more, hence flushing out toxins 
  • Magnesium, which strengthens your pet's bones, supports energy levels, and promotes a healthy nervous system


  1. Easily absorbs into body tissues


A study on the effect of alkaline water on hydration and blood viscosity5 found that high-pH alkaline water works faster than pure water in restoring body hydration and aids in proper blood flow.


  1. It tends to taste sweeter. This encourages your dog to drink more water.


Alkaline water has a sweeter, more pleasant taste than normal water, which can encourage your dog to drink more and become more hydrated.


  1. Treats joint problems


Dogs, just like humans, can face joint issues as they grow older. Alkaline water improves one health by maintaining the health of cartilage, preventing osteoporosis.6


Alkaline Water is Safe for Your Dog

Your dog's body is made up of 70-80% water. Alkaline water will keep your dog hydrated and healthier. Consult your veterinarian before making dietary changes to your pet. Try out alkaline water today and monitor your dog's physical and behavioral changes over time. They might just love it. Seychelle, an industry leader in alkaline water, provides a line of alkaline water filters which eliminate 99.99% of contaminants so your dog can enjoy more alkaline water.



1. Should animals drink alkaline water?

Yes, alkaline water is safe for almost all dogs, but consult your vet before you make a decision. 


2. What does alkaline water do to dogs?

Alkaline water can flush out acidic wastes from your dog's stomach, reduce bad breath, and improve the smell of feces. Alkaline water also provides more hydration to your dog and increases energy levels. 


3. Is cold water bad for dogs?

Ice cold water isn't bad for your dog7 if you want your pet to cool down on a hot day. Put the water bowl where your dog can drink at their own pace.


4. Is alkaline water good for puppies?

No. Puppies already take a high level of calcium when they are nursing. Alkaline water further increases the calcium levels which can cause calciuria.


5. Can dogs drink electrolyte water?

Yes. Older, sick, or weak dogs may benefit from electrolyte drinks to replenish salt and essential minerals they may be lacking.


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