Top 5 Everyday Carry Items to Always Bring when Traveling

May 21, 2024 3 min read

Top 5 Everyday Carry Items to Always Bring when Traveling

Whether your travels take you to a tropical resort, bustling downtown, or remote village, packing is an important step to prepare you for the journey. No matter the trip, you will probably keep with you “everyday carry” items, or EDC. Everyday carry is defined as “the essential items you regularly keep on your person” (1). These items may change depending on if you are going to work or flying to a new place, but the concept is the same: What items should you carry with you? When it comes to traveling–by plane, car, or otherwise–here are five essentials to keep with you at all times. 


Bringing your wallet should be second nature, but it is especially important to double check you have it on-hand before a trip. Ensure your wallet includes your driver’s license, local currency, credit/debit cards, and any necessary insurance information you may need. 

Bonus: If your travels take you out of your country of origin, make sure you have your passport with you, too!


Your phone is another everyday carry item that most of us do not think about. For many people, their phone is their lifeline; it provides you with so much more than just communication. Phones will allow you to call a ride, look up questions about local culture/protocol, take pictures, and so much more. Depending on your means of travel, you should also think about bringing a portable charger or outlet adapter to make sure your phone is ready for the days ahead. 

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is particularly important if your travels take you hiking, camping, or into more remote areas. That being said, it is always advisable to be prepared for an emergency! The American Red Cross sells first aid kits for every occasion, from compact and simple to first-responder duffle bags (2). Alternatively, you can create your own first aid kit to fit your specific trip. If you are traveling bycar, you can add a multipurpose tool to your kit to stay better prepared. By plane, make sure this tool is TSA-approved, or stick it in your checked bag. 


The food you bring on-hand depends greatly on your trip itself. For trips in cities, resorts, or other popular areas, you may only need enough snacks to last you the airplane/car rides. For more outdoorsy trips, packing non-perishable foods that are compact, like nuts and dried fruits, should be carried with you. In that case, you should also make sure you have meals packed or planned to sustain you the entire trip. 


It is crucial to carry water with you at all times. In recent years, it has become “trendy” to sport your water bottle for every occasion, and many people carry their water with them for even mundane tasks. The importance of hydration should not change when you travel. For air travel, carry an empty water bottle with you that can be filled after you pass through security. To avoid drinking tap water, or contaminated water at your destination, consider a filtering water bottle. These bottles ensure your water is safe to drink, no matter the source. Or, for those needing a more compact solution, try a hollow fiber membrane straw. A hollow fiber membrane straw from Seychelle allows you to filter up to 1,320 gallons of water in a single straw, making it the perfect addition to your EDC kit. 

The Wrap-Up

Ensuring you are prepared for your next adventure does not need to be difficult. By prepping your everyday carry items now, you can begin your trip knowing that the necessities are on-hand. While everyone’s EDC is different, bringing your phone, wallet, and sustenance will undoubtedly help you in your travels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is everyday carry?

Everyday carry, also known as EDC, refers to items that you carry on your person at all times. 

What is EDC for travel?

EDC for travel should include items that will be important for you at your destination, like a phone, wallet, or passport. These items may change depending on TSA regulations, days traveling, or the nature of the trip. 

What are EDC tools?

EDC tools tend to refer to tools that you carry on your person to help you survive. For example, a multipurpose tool or first aid kit are considered EDC tools. 


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