Does Alkaline Water Taste Better?

June 26, 2023 3 min read

Does Alkaline Water Taste Better?

Typically, water isn’t something we think about having a strong taste. Most people are used to the taste of the water they consume most often. However, as alkaline water continues to grow in popularity, the issue of its taste has risen. Does alkaline water taste good? Does it taste better than regular water?

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is water that has a higher pH than normal drinking water. It is ionized to keep healthy minerals in the water. To produce alkaline water, an ionization process or addition of alkaline minerals needs to occur to “alkalize” the water. A simple way to alkalize your water is using an alkalizing water filter, like those found at Seychelle.  Researchers find that alkaline water comes with several health benefits for both humans and pets alike. Alkaline water is known to increase oxygen circulation, cleanse the colon, balance the body’s pH levels, and help with heartburn and acid reflux. Its numerous health benefits make it an easy choice for many when choosing the type of water to drink. 

Taste Perception

Before discussing the taste of alkaline and regular water, it is important to note that taste is a subjective experience. There are various factors that influence taste perception, including pH levels, mineral content, and personal preference.

Because taste is subjective and varies from person to person, the taste of alkaline water is described differently by different people. For example, for a few, alkaline water is thought to taste slightly “bitter” at first (1). Most, however, note alkaline water tastes “smooth, silky and delicious” (2). 

Alkaline Water vs. Regular Water: Which is better?

As previously mentioned, taste perception is influenced by various factors that could make alkaline water taste better or worse for some people. First, the pH level of a water can affect its taste. Alkaline water is known for having a higher pH, typically between an 8 or 9 on the pH scale (3). The higher pH keeps the body significantly better hydrated, and it has a lasting effect on the body’s “acid-base balance” (4). However, different pH levels taste differently. The general consensus is that water with a low pH (below 6.5) has a sour or metallic taste, while higher pH water has a “sweeter, more pleasant taste” (5). However, when the pH exceeds a certain amount, say 9.5 or 10, it is reported to taste bitter. Therefore, alkaline water’s pH level will affect whether or not it has a sweet or bitter taste in comparison to regular drinking water.

Next, the presence of alkaline minerals in alkaline water will also affect its taste. Dissolved minerals in the water can include calcium, sodium, and potassium, all which will impact the water’s taste (6). These minerals are known as electrolytes, which “regulate muscle contractions and keep you hydrated” (7). These minerals do make water taste different, but they come with a lot of health benefits, as well.

Personal preference is the last factor that we use to determine alkaline water’s taste. Individuals have different taste preferences. Simply put, some things will taste better to certain people, and they will taste worse to others. This is not controllable, for alkaline water or anything else. Generally speaking, however, people tend to agree that alkaline water tastes better than regular water. Some people will only like certain brands of alkaline water, and some may only like alkaline water that comes from a specific source. However, it is good to note that alkaline water typically tastes better from a water filter, since bottled alkaline water may carry the plastic taste of the packaging. To avoid this taste, invest in a Seychelle alkaline water filter

The Wrap-Up

There is no easy answer to the question, “Does alkaline water taste better than regular water?” Taste perception is based on several factors, including pH levels, alkaline minerals, and personal preference. Reports of alkaline water’s taste range from bitter to sweet. However, general consensus is that alkaline water does taste better than regular water.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does alkaline water taste better?

Alkaline water generally tastes better than regular drinking water, but personal preferences make it difficult to answer this question for everybody. 

What does alkaline water taste like?

The minerals found in alkaline water typically make it taste sweeter than regular drinking water, but it depends on the pH level. Too high of a pH  makes for a bitter taste in the water. 

Why do I feel better drinking alkaline water?

Alkaline water contains electrolytes, which hydrate the body better than regular drinking water. Additionally, alkaline water balances the body’s pH levels and can help with a variety of other internal systems.  


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