How to Make Alkaline Water at Home

February 21, 2023 4 min read

How to Make Alkaline Water at Home

Over the past three years, we have become increasingly accustomed to being at home. COVID-19 brought about an unprecedented increase of home gyms, new puppies, and sourdough bread. Even with the country reopening and returning to normal, some fads did not leave. The ease of accomplishing certain tasks from home–from shopping to working–left many still enjoying the luxury. Another simple at-home task? Making safe, healthy water to drink from home. 

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is a type of drinking water that has a variety of health benefits. Unlike purified and distilled water, which filters out all minerals–both healthy and unhealthy–before getting bottled and consumed, alkaline water goes through a different purification process. Alkaline water is “alkalized” to keep in healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. It also has a higher pH than other types of drinking water, which contains a variety of health benefits. 

What are the benefits of alkaline water?

Alkaline water holds all the benefits of regular water, plus additional benefits that come from the healthy minerals in the water. For example, all water hydrates, but alkaline water hydrates more and for longer. It is cited to soothe indigestion, detoxify the system, and balance pH levels in the body. Studies also reveal that alkaline water helps with acid reflux and  reduces heartburn  (1). 

Alkaline water of any kind is superior to regular drinking water, since its healthy minerals boost the body’s internal system in a way regular water could not. However, consumers of alkaline water must make a choice: Is it better to drink bottled or filtered at-home alkaline water?

Why is making alkaline water at home superior?

While both bottled and filtered alkaline water provide the same health benefits and quality of water, bottled water comes with many negatives. It’s more cost effective and environmentally friendly to make alkaline water at home with an alkaline water pitcher.

First, alkaline water pitchers that can filter water at home are cost effective. A case of twenty-four 20-ounce bottles of  pH alkaline water can cost over $30, which averages to $9 per gallon  (2). If the average person aims to drink about 48 ounces a day, that would be about five bottles a day for a family of two. This averages to over one case per week, which leads to about $130 monthly in just drinking water costs. Making alkaline water at home, however, is a more cost effective route. OneSeychelle pitcher filter can last up to 150 gallons. This averages to only thirty-four cents per gallon. If we take the same example of a family of two, using a Seychelle at-home water filter would be about a $15.65 per month investment. In terms of cost alone, making Alkaline water at home with a Seychelle water filter is the obvious choice. 

Second, at-home water filters are the safer choice. Plastic leaching, or the “transfer or leaking of chemicals from the plastic to the foods or beverages it contains,” is a real fear  (3). Water bottles can sit in a hot warehouse for years before being sold to the public, and these can leach dangerous chemicals into the water. Research conducted by the University of Copenhagen  “raised the alarm over the potential health impacts of consuming water from plastic bottles” due to leaching concerns  (4). Seychelle products, on the other hand, are made of foodgrade, premium, non leaching plastic and filter/alkalize your tap water only when you need it.

Third, making alkaline water at home is much more environmentally friendly than one-time use bottles. Even when deposited in the recycling bin, there is no guarantee that bottles are actually being recycled. In fact, when oil prices increase, the price of plastic increases, and the demand for recycled plastic decreases dramatically. Without demand, many recycling companies must export their plastic to other countries in the form of trash due to the expense  (4). Using an at-home filter exterminates plastic waste almost completely, making it the eco-friendly choice. 

Lastly, at-home water filters like those sold at Seychelle save time. Instead of weekly trips to the grocery store,Seychelle filters can be set to autoship, and customers never need to worry about reordering their next filter. In a matter of minutes, you can fill up a Seychelle water pitcher with tap water and have safe alkaline water, ready to consume. 

The Wrap-Up

While both bottled and at-home filters provide the same health benefits, Seychelle water filters are the clear winner. Making alkaline water at home is cost-effective, safe from plastic leaching, environmentally friendly, and saves time. Choose Seychelle water filters for your own peace of mind and quality water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is purified in a way that keeps in healthy minerals and raises its pH level. It is safe to drink by both people and animals.

What are the health benefits of alkaline water?

Alkaline water has many health benefits. To name a few, it helps with indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn. Additionally, it detoxifies the body and balances the body’s pH levels.

Can I make my own alkaline water?

Yes! Using a Seychelle water filter, you can make alkaline water from the comfort of your home in a matter of minutes. 


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