Can Alkaline Water Help You Lose Weight?

February 01, 2023 4 min read

Can Alkaline Water Help You Lose Weight?

Turning on the television, scrolling through social media, or even passing a billboard exposes you to advertisements of weight loss fads. No one diet or exercise regiment is better than another, but all share one common variable: water. Water is universally accepted as a crucial component of living healthy and losing weight. In particular, alkaline water carries many benefits that can support weight loss. 

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is water measured with a higher pH than neutral tap or most bottled water. Because of its higher pH, alkaline water holds many safer, healthier minerals that other types of water do not. These minerals are loaded with health benefits. 

What are the general benefits of alkaline water?

Both human and pet health can be improved by drinking alkaline water. For example, alkaline water detoxifies the body’s system by balancing out its pH levels. Additionally, the water’s high pH levels reduce acidity in the body, which can help with digestion and nutrient absorption. These benefits help the body on a general level, but they also have specific uses in regards to weight loss. 

Is alkaline water better than purified or distilled water for weight loss?

While water of any kind is crucial for weight loss, alkaline water replenishes the body in a way purified/distilled water cannot. This is because alkaline water contains additional healthy minerals that regular water filters out. These minerals are important for maximizing weight loss efforts. 

For instance, studies show that alkaline water hydrates the body faster and for longer periods of time than regular water (1). If the body is more hydrated, it is more energized and less likely to become fatigued. With more energy, workouts can be maximized to their full potential. Additionally, “proper hydration keeps your joints lubricated, reducing inflammation and pain.” With alkaline water, the body is ultra-hydrated to have the safest workout possible, which can lead to weight loss.

Furthermore, alkaline water can help curb cravings and control your appetite (2). People often confuse thirst and hunger, and oftentimes they eat when they are really just dehydrated. By drinking more water, the body will no longer send confusing signals to you when it’s thirsty. (Note, it will still warn you when it’s hungry!) Without these cravings, the body has more of a chance to lose weight when it does not have unwanted cravings bringing in extra calories to burn.

With alkaline water hydrating the body, all sorts of internal benefits are set off. First, the colon clears, which can make digestion easier, especially if paired with a healthy diet. Second, since body fat is slightly acidic, the alkalinity of alkaline water actually neutralizes the acidity and burns fat. Keeping everything functioning properly throughout the body exponentially helps with weight loss. 

The benefits of alkaline water extend past direct consumption, as well. Alkaline water can promote healthy eating and weight loss through cooking. Cooking with alkaline water is recommended to help maintain food mineral quality. Because purified water does not have the healthy minerals found in alkaline water, it is cited by the National Library of Medicine to lose “up to 60% for magnesium and calcium or even more for other microelements (e.g., copper 66%, manganese 70%, cobalt 86%)” (3). In contrast, the minerals in alkaline water save the minerals found in the food, as well, which helps promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Is alkaline water safe?

Alkaline water is considered safe for drinking. It has no negative side effects, and it has many health benefits aside from those of purified or distilled water (4).  

The Wrap-Up

Drinking alkaline water is an easy way to maximize weight loss. Alkaline water has many internal benefits, like boosting your metabolism, cleansing the colon for better digestion, and lubricating the joints. It also keeps the body hydrated longer, so workouts can be completed with more energy. Alkaline water can also curb cravings that can be getting in the way of weight loss. Lastly, using alkaline water in cooking keeps in healthy minerals that would otherwise be lost if prepared in purified water. If drunk regularly with an active, healthy lifestyle, alkaline water is highly beneficial for weight loss. Instead of spending weekly expenses in bottled alkaline water, consider investing in an economic alkaline water filter for a waste-free alternative. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between alkaline and purified water?

Alkaline water is filtered to have a higher pH, which leaves healthy minerals in the water to be consumed. Purified water has a neutral pH and filters out harmful chemicals. Both are safe to drink.

What are the benefits of alkaline water?

Alkaline water has more health benefits than purified water, including an increase in oxygen delivery, colon cleansing, detoxifying, and helping with acid reflux.

Does alkaline water help with weight loss?

Yes. Alkaline water has many benefits for losing weight, including increasing the metabolism, stopping cravings, and promoting healthy digestion.

Can you drink alkaline water everyday?

Yes! Alkaline water currently has no negative side effects and is safe to drink throughout the day, everyday. 

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