Can Babies Drink Alkaline Water?

June 05, 2023 4 min read

Can Babies Drink Alkaline Water?

Nothing is more important for new parents than the health of their baby. Babies are, by nature, curious people who explore the world through taste, so parents must be absolutely certain that what they give their babies is safe for them to ingest. When it comes to water, babies do not typically drink anything other than milk until they are at least six months old. From then on, parents can start introducing water in small doses. Then the question becomes, can this water be alkaline?

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is water with a higher pH than normal drinking water (1). It goes through a different filtration process than distilled or purified water. It is alkalized, meaning that source minerals are retained and new minerals are added. This alkalization process comes with a variety of health benefits. 

What are the benefits of alkaline water?

One of the main benefits of using an alkaline filter is that it removes harmful contaminants found in tap water.While a mother’s milk is the best food/hydration for newborn babies, once the weaning process has begun, water filtered through Seychelle alkaline filters is safer and healthier than tap water, which may contain many dangerous contaminants. Tap water may contain  lead, chlorine, sediment and many other contaminants that could be health risks  (2). Drinking alkaline water ensures that these impurities will not enter your system or that of your baby. 

Additionally, during breastfeeding, alkaline water helps support the mother’s health to replenish lost minerals through milk production and support general health. Alkaline water is known to balance the body’s pH levels, reducing acidity in the body. It can help mothers stay hydrated better and for longer, and alkaline water may help strengthen the immune system (3). All of these benefits help keep breastfeeding mothers healthy and happy, which in turn helps their children through their milk consumption. 

Is alkaline water better than purified or distilled water for babies?

While purified and distilled water have their benefits, alkaline water overall is better for babies. Distilled and purified water is demineralized, which means that all minerals are filtered out of the water to leave “pure” water. While this is beneficial for filtering out harmful contaminants, it also filters out helpful minerals that our bodies need. Alkaline water, however, goes through a different process, which still filters out the same contaminants that distilled and purified water filter out. However, alkaline water has the added benefit of keeping in healthy minerals. The alkalinity and additional healthy minerals found in alkaline water can help replenish the body’s stores while demineralized water fails to properly replenish these minerals. 

Additionally, cooking with alkaline water maintains food mineral quality and safety, in contrast to distilled and purified water. According to the National Library of Medicine, “the use of low-mineral water for cooking and processing food may cause a marked deficiency in total intake of some essential elements” (4). Cooking food with alkaline water, or high mineral water, effectively holds in the minerals that would be lost in cooking with distilled/purified water. Once your baby begins eating solids, it is recommended to cook with alkaline water to ensure they consume the necessary minerals. Seychelle alkaline water filters guarantee that you and your baby receive all of the benefits of distilled/purified water, as well as the extra benefits that come with drinking alkaline water. 

Is alkaline water safe?

While parents should always consult their baby’s pediatrician for any changes to their child’s diet and water intake, alkaline water has not been found to be dangerous for any demographic, including pregnant women and is generally regarded as safe for the mother and the baby. In comparison to tap water, which contains many harmful chemicals and contaminants, water created with Seychelle alkaline filters is extra safe. 

Can you use alkaline water for baby formula?

As your baby is weaned off of breast milk, it is more than likely that your baby will begin to drink baby formula. Alkaline water baby formula is quick and easy to make with a Seychelle pH pitcher. To create alkaline water baby formula, simply scoop the recommended amount of your baby’s favorite formula into water filtered with a Seychelle pitcher. Then, warm the formula appropriately before giving it to your baby. 

If your baby is less than six months old, it is recommended that they only drink alkaline water at the lowest alkalinity  (3). As the baby grows older, they can be given alkaline water of higher levels. 

The Wrap-Up

Due to its extensive list of health benefits, it is recommended that babies, like any other group, drink alkaline water. Current research confirms that alkaline water is not considered dangerous for any demographic, babies and mothers included. The water holds many extra minerals that can prove beneficial–not harmful–to the baby. Of course,parents should consult their pediatrician for any concerns regarding their child’s diet and water intake. In order to access alkaline water on the daily, try a Seychelle alkaline water filter. Seychelle is a quick and easy solution to make sure babies and their mothers can get the water they need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does alkaline water do to babies?

Current research shows that alkaline water has no negative effects on babies. Of course, babies typically rely solely on breastmilk as infants, so babies do not usually begin drinking water (alkaline or otherwise) until they are around six months old. 

At what age can a child drink alkaline water?

Children can begin drinking alkaline water at any point, but it is recommended that babies under six months be given alkaline water only at its lowest alkalinity level. 

Can you use alkaline water in baby formula?

Yes. Alkaline water baby formula is an effective way to introduce babies to alkaline water and its health benefits. 


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