Can Cats Drink Alkaline Water?

June 26, 2023 4 min read

Can Cats Drink Alkaline Water?

Every pet owner wants what is best for their beloved animal, and it is important they are informed of the pros and cons of what their pets are consuming. As far as cats are concerned, they need to be drinking adequate water each day to stay healthy and hydrated. While regular drinking water is fine, alkaline water’s added health benefits are causing many people to choose to give their cats alkaline water. Alkaline water can improve hydration and potentially benefit the health of pet cats. 

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water has a higher pH level and alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It undergoes a filtration process in which the water’s overall pH level is increased through an alkaline filter. The most common and cost-effective way to raise a water’s pH level is through an alkaline water filter, like those found at Seychelle. With a Seychelle alkaline water filter, you can easily raise your water’s pH at home. 

Alkaline water holds a plethora of benefits for humans, and many of these benefits are potentially the same for cats. Alkaline water hydrates better and for longer periods of time due to the healthy minerals that are left in the water. It detoxifies various bodily systems, soothes indigestion, helps with acid reflux, and reduces heartburn. 

Hydration and cats’ health

Proper hydration is crucial for a cat’s health. Like humans, cats need water for their bodies to function properly, and proper hydration ensures the kidneys function, joints are lubricated, and the digestive system works smoothly (1). Alkaline water can be absorbed easier than regular drinking water into the cat’s body tissue, which additionally helps to keep the cat hydrated. 

Since hydration is so important for a cat’s overall health, it is important to be on the lookout for factors that may cause dehydration. Dehydration in cats is most commonly associated with vomiting or diarrhea, heatstroke, diabetes, kidney, or liver disease, but there are many other causes (2). To know if your cat is dehydrated, check for the following: sunken eyes, dry mouth, skin elasticity, constipation, or panting (3).  

The negative effects of dehydration are ones every pet owner wants to avoid. For this reason, water is crucial to support organ function and the overall well-being of your cat. According to an association of veterinarians, they “use water as a tool in healthy animals to promote satiety for weight management and to keep [their] pet’s electrolytes in balance. Healthy pets get their water internally–by metabolism of macronutrients, through food, and, most importantly, through the water we provide as part of their diet” (4). In layman’s terms, if your cat is not provided the water it needs, it will not be its healthiest self. 

Is alkaline water beneficial for cats?

While water of any kind is important to a cat’s overall health, alkaline water has extra benefits to ensure the cat is as healthy as can be. First, alkaline water has been found to improve hydration in humans, and the same is true for cats. Alkaline water’s appealing taste may encourage cats to drink more, since cats tend to be picky and need their water in certain conditions. Adequate water intake is essential, and alkaline water can contribute to better hydration.

Second, alkaline water may support urinary health and reduce the risk of urinary tract issues in cats. Some concerns about giving alkaline water to pets revolve around the idea that alkaline water can lead to kidney stones due to its increased pH levels. There is no evidence to support these claims, however, the minerals found in alkaline water are cited to actually improve urinary health in cats. Veterinarian Vanesa Farmer notes, “Water is also necessary for your cat’s circulation, digestion, and waste removal” (5). Alkaline water allows for these system’s to function properly and to the best of their ability.

Lastly, alkaline water may provide additional electrolytes for cats, aiding in maintaining balance. Electrolytes are also vital for various bodily functions in cats. 

The Wrap-Up

While it is important that cats stay hydrated, not all water is created equal. Alkaline water allows for superior hydration compared to regular drinking water. It ensures that cats are hydrated longer, and alkaline water has many benefits to the cat’s overall health. Like anything related to your pet’s health, it is always a good idea to consult your vet before introducing your pet to a new type of water. Alkaline water is an easy way to ensure happy, healthy feline friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is alkaline water safe for pets?

Yes. According to current research, alkaline water is considered safe for both dogs and cats to drink.

What is the safest water for cats to drink?

There are many safe drinking waters for cats, including tap, bottled, and alkalized water.

Is it OK if my cat drinks tap water?

Yes. It is safe for cats to drink tap water, and it is not known to cause harm to cats. However, tap water does not leave cats as hydrated as alkaline water does, so it is not the best option for cats’ health.

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