Where can I buy alkaline water?

December 14, 2023 3 min read

Where can I buy alkaline water?

Walk into any grocery store and you will be met with dozens of brands of bottled water. Distilled, purified, alkaline, mineral, or spring… the choices are endless. Typically speaking, alkaline water tends to be one of the pricier types of water. So, is it worth the buy? Can it be bought in a cost-effective manner?

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is water that goes through a unique ionization process to keep or add healthy minerals to the water. Unlike purified or distilled water, alkaline water removes harmful contaminants while allowing beneficial minerals to stay in the water. These minerals, like magnesium, calcium, and potassium, are linked to many positive health effects in the body. Researchers find that drinking alkaline water can help balance the body’s equilibrium, improve the digestive tract, and help prevent acid reflux. Drinking alkaline water has also been tied to weight loss and increased energy. Due to its many benefits, alkaline water is becoming more and more popular. 

Where can I buy alkaline water?

Alkaline water often comes bottled, but you can also make your own alkaline water with the proper filter. Bottled alkaline water can be found at most grocery stores, as well as larger consumer stores like Walmart and Target. It can also be bought online with websites like Amazon, or you can buy directly through the producer, like Fiji Water. Many brands of alkaline water also offer delivery subscriptions, where they will deliver cases of bottled alkaline water directly to your door. 

Alkaline water filters are designed to turn your home’s tap water into alkaline water by raising its pH. These filters can also be found in stores or online through retailers like Amazon. Just like bottled water, alkalizing water filters can also be bought directly through the producer, like those sold at Seychelle

Can you make alkaline water at home?

Alkaline water can be made at home using an alkaline water filter. Many alkaline filters are water pitchers that you can fill with most any water of your choosing, like tap or bottled water. The alkaline filter will then remove harmful contaminants from the water, including Chromium 6 and heavy metals, making the water safe to drink. At the same time, these filters will raise the water’s pH level through an alkalizing process that adds and preserves healthy minerals in the water. This entire process can be done from the comfort of your home using an alkaline water pitcher

Benefits of using an alkaline water filter

While some people are immediately turned off to buying an alkaline water pitcher due to its price, they are actually much more cost effective than buying bottled alkaline water. For example, buying an $80 Seychelle pH pitcher may seem like a big ask until you break down its cost per gallon. One Seychelle pitcher can filter 150 gallons, which comes down to 53 cents per gallon. In comparison, bottled alkaline water averages over $5 per gallon (1). 

Additionally, using a water filter is safer and more environmentally friendly than bottled water. Bottled water runs the risk of plastic leaching, since plastic bottles can sit in hot warehouses where the plastic may contaminate the water. Using a water filter additionally reduces plastic waste that can end up in landfills and the ocean.  

The Wrap-Up

Alkaline water can be bought in most grocery stores, consumer stores, and online. It typically comes bottled or as a water filter. While bottled alkaline water appears cheaper up front, alkaline filters are the more cost effective option, since they can produce hundreds of gallons of water per filter. For a water filter that is proven to remove over 99.9% of contaminants and raise your water’s pH, try a Seychelle pH water pitcher

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy alkaline water?

Alkaline water can be bought in most stores where water is sold. It can also be bought online through Amazon or directly from the manufacturer. 

What does drinking alkaline water do?

Drinking alkaline water can help balance your body’s equilibrium. Its high pH also can help with weight loss, increased hydration, and prevent acid reflux.

What is the cheapest way to get alkaline water?

Generally speaking, an alkaline water filter is the cheapest way to get alkaline water. 


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